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Timmy Global Health Medical Service Trip - Aiding Ecuador

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Timmy Global Health Medical Service Trip

Timmy Global Health is a nonprofit organization that works to expand access to healthcare and empowers students and volunteers to push through today’s global health challenges head-on by raising support for partner organizations abroad and serving on medical service trips. Through short-term medical service programs and long-term health solutions, Timmy strives to give quality healthcare to all people. Medical professionals serving on Timmy medical teams work alongside native healthcare providers to increase local capacity and provide medicines, preventative care, and health education to hard-to-reach communities. Timmy chapters advocate by educating themselves and their campus communities on global health disparities affecting people down the block and around the world.

Indiana State Timmy Global Health travels to Ecuador to serve the community of Guangaje. Each year we take 20-25 undergraduate students to serve as the backbone of clinics in the rural community. We also travel with skilled medical professionals who will provide medical care in these clinics. Timmy has been part of Indiana State for ten years and gone on eight brigades.


Current Board Members:

Mikal Lange: President

I am a senior studying chemistry with a minor in public health at Indiana State University. I have been involved in Timmy Global Health since the beginning of my sophomore year, and since attending my first meeting I have been hooked on its mission of providing healthcare to those who are less fortunate. To me, Timmy means service above self. Since joining this spectacular club I have learned the value of sacrifice and altruism in the name of a worthy cause.

Ramsis Girgis: Secretary

My name is Ramsis Girgis, and I am a junior chemistry major with a massage therapy minor. To me, Timmy is an opportunity to have an impact on the lives of people who truly need it. As an undergrad, there aren't many opportunities like Timmy that are accessible to me, and it's because of this organization that I get the chance to affect someone else's standards of living for the better.

Adrianne Rusch: VP of Finance, January 2024 Brigade Trip Leader

Hi! My name is Adrianne Rusch. I am a junior Chemistry and Pre-Med major from Vincennes, Indiana. To me, Timmy Global Health means helping those in need in my community and globally. Timmy is continually trying to make the world a better place, and while doing so, they open the eyes of their members to health disparities and other inequalities that cannot be seen in our daily lives. Timmy further impacts their members by making them better people. I have been on two medical service trips to Ecuador with Timmy, and the experiences made me a better person and solidified my goal of becoming a physician.

Alishba Rizwan: VP of Finance

I am a senior psychology major on the pre-med track. Timmy Global Health represents a unifying beacon of hope for so many people, including myself, especially as it helped through the trying time of COVID. This meaning of Timmy has been fortified over my time in the club. Through this trying time, the Timmy Club was determined to continue our mission of serving underserved communities of Ecuador, and we were successfully able to do just that! Our perseverance and persistence to continue being there for one another overcame such harsh adversities and we were able to travel to Ecuador as soon as 2021. Our perseverance exhibits Timmy’s determination, compassion, and selflessness, which are all characteristics Timmy encompasses as an organization and instills in its members.

Azriel Manalaysay: VP of Marketing

Hello! I'm a senior on the pre-medicine track as a biology major and Spanish minor. Timmy has been the foundation of my college experience. Volunteering in underserved communities in rural Ecuador has opened my eyes in appreciating our privileges here in the States. The dedication of students and medical staff in treating those of a different culture and language while overcoming barriers demonstrate this organization's commitment on expand access to quality medical care. I also love participating in our community service and fundraising events because we work together for a cause greater than ourselves.

Luke Hargrave: VP of Fundraising

My name is Luke Hargrave, I am a senior Chemistry major with a Spanish Language Studies minor. To me, Timmy means caring for others as you wish others would care for you. I love how involved Timmy is in our community and how involved we are in helping serve the underprivileged people that live in the mountains in Ecuador. Going on this trip last year, I could see how much Ecuadorians were impacted by us being there. People traveled miles on foot just to be seen by a healthcare provider and receive medication as simple as ibuprofen, which is something that we could all just go to a store and purchase. I enjoy being involved in Timmy and serving on the Executive Board for such a selfless club. Timmy holds a special place in my heart, and as I aspire to be a physician, I hope that one day I may come back as an alumnus and serve on a Timmy trip as a doctor.

Allison White: VP of Fundraising

My name is Allison White, and I am a senior Biology/ Pre-Med major with a Chemistry minor. I am one of the Vice Presidents of Fundraising for the ISU Timmy Global Health Organization, and this is my second year being a part of the Executive Board, and my third year of being involved in Timmy. I am very passionate about Timmy and the work we do to help our chapter help the people of Guangaje, Ecuador. To me, Timmy is an opportunity to help people who are less fortunate than us, not just those in another country but those in our hometowns as well. Timmy is an opportunity to educate others about health disparities and encourage them to take the opportunity to help others and experience the joy you receive from helping those who are not as fortunate as us. 

Abbigayle Gamble: VP of Advocacy

Hi! I am a senior biology and science education major here at ISU! I have been part of Timmy since my first semester and have loved every minute of it! What does Timmy mean to me? More. Timmy has taught me that there is so much more outside of the small, controlled bubble that I live in. Timmy has taught me how lucky I truly am and how I need to be more aware of the differences between myself and others. Timmy has given me a place to grow and express myself in a way that is beneficial to others and helping educate others. There is more to Timmy than just a club. Timmy is a family that supports each other and is doing things that can be helpful to the surrounding community.

Peyton Sisil: VP of Advocacy

Hello, I'm Peyton Sisil! I'm a junior chemistry major from Sullivan, Indiana. I have always been passionate about medicine, but it wasn't until I started college that I realized just how many opportunities came with the profession. As a freshman, I was able to participate in a Timmy Brigade and help bring medical resources to underserved communities in Ecuador. On this trip, I realized the connections we share with cultures that are vastly different than our own. Each of the patients we saw in the clinics came with a warm smile and a grateful heart, and I feel that this helped me learn to find joy in the small things because even they can make a difference when looking at the bigger picture.

Nick Doll: VP of Community Service

My name is Nick Doll, and I am a sophomore chemistry major at Indiana State. Timmy Global Health is a way for me to expand beyond my own city in terms of community service. I have spent years volunteering in Terre Haute, Indiana. However, I haven't spent much time doing community service anywhere else. Timmy gives me the chance to be able to help out communities outside of the United States.

Elizabeth Marcolini: VP of Community Service

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Marcolini, and I am a junior chemistry major at ISU. Timmy Global Health is a family to me. Being able to make a small difference in individuals' lives is extremely important to me. I love being able to take part in community service opportunities for the homeless, healthcare workers, nursing homes, and those who are less fortunate than myself. Timmy shares the same passions and goals, and allows me to push myself to be a better person and help others.

Incoming Board Members:

Pia Carino: VP of Marketing

Hello! My name is Pia Carino and I am a freshman at ISU studying chemistry and pre-medicine. To me, Timmy has always been a place for opportunity. It gives both me and other students the opportunity to make connections and serve the people around us. In the short time I’ve been involved in this organization, I have already built bridges that will propel me to greater heights both academically and socially. Because of academics, it is easy to become very absorbed in one’s self, so Timmy for me is also a place where I can focus my attention on others and how I can help their needs.

Alsace Key: Secretary

My name is Alsace and I am a sophomore biology major and on the pre-medicine track. For me, Timmy means meeting new people and being able to further my skills to help those around me. Timmy has allowed me to develop/grow relationships and connections with people that I haven’t met before or that I have little interaction with. Timmy also means being able to experience and provide care to those in need, especially to those that are outside of the borders of the United States. Being able to learn about others’ experiences in Ecuador has allowed me to gain a true understanding of Timmy and the impact that the program has had on others. Timmy also means being able to overcome boundaries (both language and physical) to provide the necessary care to those who aren’t able to access it easily, showing the sincerity and compassion of Timmy and its members. Being able to witness these experiences firsthand has given me a true understanding of what Timmy means to me. It has allowed me to realize that I would love to dedicate my time and energy into showing future members what Timmy is all about.

Kaylan Galey: VP of Advocacy

I'm Kaylan and I'm an applied medicine major on the pre-PA track. Timmy Global Health means raising awareness and funds so that healthcare is made easier to access in areas of the world that are unable to get the proper healthcare they need. It is using the resources and knowledge available to us and spreading it to areas in need. A very small item or act of service can go a long way in someone’s life.

Pierce Herbert: VP of Advocacy

My name is Pierce Herbert and I am a sophomore in pre-med double majoring in math and chemistry. Timmy is the time I spend with like-minded people who genuinely care about helping those in need. Being able to take an hour or two every other week to have fun and work with others to help obtain a common goal has been a stress-reliever throughout my college career. The true joy people express in Timmy is something I hadn't experiences before joining Timmy. The energy and excitement is present in every Timmy meeting, which means a lot to me!  It makes you excited and eager to help underserved people, whose lives we consistently aim to improve.

Luke Powers: VP of Fundraising

Hey! I'm Luke and I am a sophomore chemistry/pre-med major. Timmy has been an essential part of my life these last two years. I have met many other like-minded people through this organization, and I instantly connected our members. Timmy’s mission of providing health care to underserved communities worldwide is near and dear to my heart. Having a positive impact on people’s lives and helping those who cannot help themselves is also in line with my life’s mission. Overall, my experience with Timmy has meant friends coming together to work towards a common goal of helping those less fortunate.

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